We’re On Your Side

Since we don’t work for the insurance company, we are not intimidated by the consideration we may lose their business if we pay too many claims. Insurance companies do not issue our license, the State does.

According to the State of Florida, it is an adjusters responsibility to put the insured back to their pre-loss condition, no better or no worse. However, due to replacement cost coverage on some policies, sometimes the insured benefits from the overall outcome. The bottom line is our loyalty lies with you, our client. We will review your policy, prepare a complete estimate of the damages and file a Proof of Loss for you. We will aggressively and professionally fight to see that you are compensated for everything you are entitled to under the policy.

You have paid your premium year after year and are expecting your insurance company to honor their end of the insuring agreement. We know how to challenge the insurance company’s policy language and know the things they will never tell you. We level the playing field in every sense of the word. Our promise to you, our client, will be to provide you with superior service and do our best to get your claim settled in the shortest time possible.

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